The Crim is definitely one of the crown jewels of Flint, and Mama Sol teamed up with the Crim Foundation to create an inspirational song that touches all Flint residents.

Let me just get this out of the way right now . . . If you've never seen Mama Sol perform live, you need to make it a priority.  She is one of the most talented, genuine, and inspirational women I've ever met.

The song and video are a collaboration between Mama Sol, The Crim Foundation, and Mike Ramsdell.  Mama Sol talked about the song to ABC12 saying,

This patriotic, triumphant song, celebrating our city in a time of tragedy and just highlighting the positive things about Flint and Crim's 40th anniversary

Check out Ramsdell talking about the inspiration for the video, and what it means for Flint below.  Other people featured in the video are DeAsia Kelley as the runner, and Cherrise Bradley singing the harmony.


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