Why would you pay to go to a show just to open up your mouth during the set? This is exactly what happened during this comedian's set, and it didn't end well for the heckler.

Heckling a comedian is never a good idea. Here's why...

1. You PAID to go to a stand up show, so why would you waste your money and talk bad during the set?

2. The comedian has a microphone, you don't. You're not going to be able to out-scream a person with a mic.

3. Comedians are prepared for idiots to talk smack during a set. It's what they do! They're getting paid to be funny! 99% of time time you don't stand a chance against a comedian during a heckling session. You will not win.

This guy didn't only lose to this comedian, he got KO'd by his security. You know this comedian had been patiently waiting for someone to talk smack during his set just so he could destroy them on the mic. I really wish the comedian would of fought this guy, but you know he had this all planned out to have his security take care of his dirty work. The insults he was delivering to this guy and his wife were bombs! 5+ minutes of nothing but insults followed by a KO? This heckler had a bad day. At least this comedian's squad was nice enough to give him his shoe back.


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