Homeless, to Hollywood... Now to Jail???Man I hope Mr. Teddy didn't have us fooled... Shoot I blogged about this guy like 3 times.  See why

Well after such a great heart warming story... Real Life has kicked in. And that consist of things that we all go through. Family problems, inner demons, haters! Ted Williams was the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" who was the darling of the web and talk shows last week. Well now it seems that he has had a run in with the police and a family fight that is now public. His daughter is claiming he hit him and he is claiming she hit him... All I can say is that this shows that it takes more than 2 days to change years of prob

lems. I know we love a good comeback story in America but the reality is he was a homeless drug addict who has a long road to recovery. Yet and still I root for this guy..


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