Never have I seen a more ignorant way to protest against a large company in my life.  A Chinese Maserati owner takes a sledgehammer and pounds his $430k car in protest.  He did make a smart move in charging people to help him out though. 

When stressed out about poor service on repairs, the Maserati owner got extremely upset and violent towards is uber expensive sports car.  The car was parked in front of Qingdao Auto Show on Tuesday, which is a high profile car show, and was the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. The Furi Group was suppose to repair the car with comparable parts but decided to go the cheap route.

While using the cheaper parts to fix the car, Furi Group did not even complete all the request repairs.  This unusual form of protest was seen by everyone who showed that day to the Maserati section of auto show.

I am just as surprised as you are with this form of protesting but the auto show in China seen it before.  According to,

"...a Lamborghini owner smashed his exotic ride at the show in 2011 to protest apparent dissatisfaction with Lamborghini China, even though he had bought the car second-hand from Germany."

I am from 'Vehicle City' better known as Flint, Michigan.  I have never seen anyone smash a expensive vehicle with a sledgehammer in protest.  Things like this does not happen in Flint or America.  I guess this is culture shock to me via the internet.

Do you see the point in this protest?  Please leave your answer in the comment section below.