It took awhile, but the customers are finally getting their way.

After continued complaints from customers, McDonald's is bringing back the fan-favorite Hi-C Orange drink after a nearly four-year absence. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will begin rolling out in select locations this month and will be in participating restaurants across the country by June according to the press release. 

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The popular orange drink had been a staple on the McDonald's menu for about 60 years. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which is a non-carbonated drink, was replaced in 2017 with Sprite Tropic Berry, that was made by Coca-Cola exclusively for the fast food chain. The removal did not sit well with customers, so much so they even started a petition on

McDonald's social media manager commented in the release,

“WE DID IT!  sure, i created the v impressive Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst presentation for my boss, but i couldn't have done it without u all, the real MVPs! ur fandom over the years, countless tweets and even IRL petitions are what brought Hi-C back. thx again for the pep talk this am and for making it easy to spread this little bit of joy - seeya in the DMs to celebrate!”

McDonald's knows the news is big and customers will be eager to grab the iconic orange drink asap. They have even gone as far as to created a special website to track the re-arrival of the beverage. The tracker will be updated on a weekly basis and can be used by entering your zip code. Fans can start checking on February 15th.

Adding to the excitement, McDonald's also announced a new promotion known as the “Fry Day” deal. From now through June. Customers can get a free order of fries every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase exclusively with the McDonald's app. We're lovin' it!


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