Meijer is making sure everybody has a chance this holiday to get their favorite alcoholic beverage before Thanksgiving by putting a purchase limit on individuals.

At least now you don't have to worry about people buying everything up.

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Now, according to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission liquor, we do NOT have a liquor shortage, for now. And Meijer is trying to ensure that everyone gets a chance to grab their favorite drink. Meijer has decided to place limits on customers trying to buy two bottles of the same spirits to ensure that people clean out the shelves ahead of the holidays.

Meijer won't be putting these limits on all alcoholic beverages. You'll still be able to buy as much beer, wine, and gift sets as your heart and wallet can handle. Meijer is also discouraging large gathering this Thanksgiving. Obviously due to COVID-19, so you'll have to resist the urge to get drunk with your favorite family members this year.

I'm actually glad Meijer is stepping up again to make sure everybody has a buyer's chance at grabbing some spirits this holiday. Meijer has done an amazing job during this pandemic and has set the gold standard for how large stores should operate during a pandemic. From giving seniors their own special time to shop safely. To giving teachers special discounts all due to COVID-19. Meijer has been leading the pack when it comes to supporting its customer base during this pandemic.

Drink and be Merry! Happy Holidays!


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