If you need to find some luck, there's a man in Jackson Michigan who has had more than his share lately.

The Jackson man is keeping his identity anonymous after winning two pretty big scratch off tickets within one week. The man won a $5,000 prize, and a week later won a $1 Million prize on a different Michigan Lottery scratch off ticket.

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Mr Lucky is only 24 years old, and told the Michigan Lottery that after he won his $5k ticket, he was still feeling pretty lucky. He bought a Ruby Mine scratch off ticket from a Speedway station and ended up with another huge winner. This time he scratched his way to the $1M grand prize!

I had won $5,000 on a Super Bonus Cashword ticket last week, and I was still feeling pretty lucky. Later that night, I bought a couple Ruby Mine tickets and hit $1 million

I've never won anywhere near that amount of money in any sort of lottery, but I have to applaud this guy for keeping his identity anonymous. I can only imagine how many friends, family, and complete strangers would be knocking on his door if it were public. I hope that he's just sitting in his house acting like Scrooge McDuck.

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