After the U.S Capitol was stormed by radicals yesterday new threats have come down the pipeline towards the Michigan State Capitol building forcing them to close temporarily.

After yesterday's nonsense, I don't blame them for shutting down. The last thing we need is another display of crazy people storming a Capitol building to prove a point.

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Senator Mallory McMorrow tweeted a picture out with an alert from Michigan State Police saying "This morning, Michigan. Without consequences, this will keep happening. This is why it's so egregious that so many involved in yesterday's events were simply escorted out of the US Capitol and sent home."

To prevent another fiasco that grabbed the world's attention the Michigan State Police are shutting down the Capitol building today to investigate a possible threat. This wouldn't be the first time that radicals have taken to the Capitol building to protest, and that's totally fine. Until you begin to get violent. Then any shred of democracy gets thrown out the window and it turns into a shouting match.

I understand emotions are high right now, with some people not agreeing with the results of the recent presidential race. That still doesn't mean it's ok to go and destroy public property. That's something a spoiled child does when they can't get their way.  We have to do better, even if we don't agree with each other.

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