When authorities in Muskegon County, Michigan were called out earlier last month to investigate reports of a strange man breaking into people’s homes, they had no idea they were about to experience an alien encounter. However, there was nothing intelligent about this life form.

Police say that as patrol cars approached a shirtless man, who they suspected to be the culprit behind the alleged burglaries, he ran towards them at top speed holding a large pipe and dove onto the windshield of one of the cruisers. “The officers rounds the corner and it is dark out - he had no time to react. The guy is already running at the car. He almost had zero time to respond and there was no time to avoid him," Lieutenant Shane Brown told WZZM-TV.

After officers detained the suspect, 20–year-old Calquan Dion Burr, he told them that he was from the Plant Zoltron and that he had been sent to Earth by his father. Yet, cops suspect Burr was more likely on hardcore drugs and not just suffering from space ship lag.

What's even more bizarre is the cop in one of the cruisers can be heard blasting "Metal Health" by Quiet Riot.

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