The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued a warning about Eastern Equine Encephalitis after multiple deaths.

Triple E is a mosquito-borne disease that first popped up on the west side of Michigan in July. Three people have died after contracting EEE since the first report, and health officials are issuing a very serious warning for residents. Even though the cases have only been in Western Michigan, the warning area is much bigger.

Genesee County has been listed along with Lapeer County and a number of counties on the west side of the state.

The warning is asking residents to avoid outdoor activities after dusk when mosquito's are most active. According to the CDC, the highest at risk group are kids under 15, and adults over 50.

The CDC says that there is an incubation period of 4-10 days after being bitten for EEE to develop. You can find a complete list of symptoms here, along with the appropriate actions.

Whatever you do, just make sure to keep your kids as safe as possible until the warning is lifted.

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