Just when you think the state of the criminal mind in Michigan can’t get any weirder, some weirdo wearing panda costume holds up a convenience store. That’s right… Michigan police say a lunatic walked into a gas station last Friday, under the guise of a friendly panda, and robbed the place while the clerk was in the crapper.

No one was watching the counter at the time the “panda bandit” entered the store, which is why we are speculating that the clerk was using the toilet. However, that has not been confirmed. Reports indicate that the masked hooligan walked in at around 2am and stole a few items, but did not attempt to take the cash. Note: That’s how you know you’re dealing with a real dangerous criminal – when they risk going to prison by robbing a place, but have absolutely no interest in money.

Eventually, the clerk emerged from the crapper and attempted to stop the felonious panda from leaving the store. That is when he turned around and pistol-whipped her – depending on if you consider a single blast to the head a legitimate pistol-whipping. We do.

Insanely, while one would think this story would end up a segment on America’s Dumbest Criminals, the panda faced thug actually got away, ditching his panda head and pistol a couple of blocks down the road.

Authorities are reportedly testing both items for DNA, which they hope will lead them to the crook.

Rumor has it that when the clerk was asked to provide details of the robbery, she described it as "pandemonium." That has also not been confirmed.