A Downriver police officer with a short fuse shatters out a drivers window and drags him out for refusing to show identification during a traffic stop.

In the video you can hear the driver say "You gotta let me know whats going on." before the cop smashed the window and dragged the driver out of the car. The incident happened in April 2016, but the dash cam footage is now being made public.

Here's the details from the YouTube description...

In the video, Jones is heard saying, “You gotta let me know what’s going on, man,” to which an officer replies, “You’re going to jail is what’s going on.” As another officer puts on gloves, Jones asks, “For what?…On what charges?” That’s when the cop in the gloves pulls on the driver’s side window, breaking it. There is some yelling as Jones is dragged out of the car onto the ground and arrested. The officer who broke the window claims Jones was reaching for something between seats. Jones said he was just trying to unlock his seat belt.

The incident is being investigated by the Downriver Police Department.

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