Michigan is one of the best states to be in if you are a tipped worker according to a new study.

The business pros at TSheets ranked all 50 states based on two main factors.

  • Generosity of tips given
  • Minimum wage for tipped workers

The higher the tip and minimum wage, the higher a state ranked on the list.

Michigan placed in the top 10 of all the states with a tip rate of 18.03% and a minimum wage of $3.52 an hour.

The minimum wage seems crazy considering that Connecticut topped the list with a tip rate of 18.58% and a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour! Bigger tips and almost $7 more an hour than Michigan.

The bottom dweller was Wyoming with a tip rate of 15.91% and a minimum wage of $2.13 per hour. You can see where each state ranked with an interactive map here.

My big question has to do with the minimum wage for tipped workers. How has it been allowed to be so low for so long, especially with all of the minimum wage raises going on through the country.

I know that a lot of tipped workers stay in their field because the tips are so good, but that seems like an unreliable source of income. Do you think the minimum wage will every start to climb in Michigan for tipped workers?

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