Michigan hit a big milestone in the Coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.

Sunday (July 5th) was the first day since March that Michigan had no reported Covid-19 related deaths. Take a minute and soak that information in. Every day since March, at least one person has died due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That's four straight months of deaths because of Coronavirus.

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Everyone knows that we are definitely not in the clear yet, but we should take a minute to celebrate a day like Sunday. The daily infection and death report from the state released the numbers early this morning.

The bad news is that new cases of Coronavirus are on the rise in Michigan. There were more than 300 reported yesterday, with a total of more than 65,000 cases. We've had nearly 6,000 people die due to Coronavirus.

The rise in new cases lines up with the relaxing of social distancing restrictions in Michigan. It also doesn't help that this is normally the time that most people are out traveling and vacationing in Michigan.

Michigan was also just added to the list of states that might not be on track to control the Coronavirus pandemic. Thing's are not nearly as bad as they have become in states like Florida and Texas, but the downward trend of new cases has definitely started to stall.

Hopefully we can find ways to enjoy a hot Michigan Summer without putting ourselves and others at risk.


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