New Coronavirus cases are on the rise everywhere in the US right now, and Michigan is no exception.

According to the Michigan Coronavirus website, we set a new record for confirmed cases in a single day on Tuesday. 6,473 cases were reported on Tuesday in Michigan, eclipsing the old single day case record that was set on Saturday. Michigan is well over 220,000 confirmed cases right now, and more than 7,500 deaths.

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The record is especially alarming considering the numbers that are being reported across the rest of the country. We are in a second or third wave, depending on who you ask, that is shaping up to be bigger than the initial impact of the pandemic. With temperatures dropping in Michigan, it will be much more difficult to do the outside social distancing practices that we've been doing all summer.

The increase in numbers also coincides with the roll back of safety restrictions that Gov Whitmer put into place during the early days of the pandemic. Michigan is a little unique because only half of the state felt the initial impact of the pandemic. Now Michigan health officials are hoping people will download their new MI Covid Alert app to help track and slow the spread.

I am hopeful that we will be able to put aside the differences that have split our state soon, and work together to stop this pandemic. No amount of conspiracy theories will erase the fact that this pandemic is killing thousands of people every single day. Please mask up and do everything you can to help stop the spread.


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