During a routine inspection, mold was found inside Doyle-Ryder Elementary School today that forced them to close down for remediation.

If it's not a heatwave forcing our schools to close, it's something else. But mold? You would think that our schools would understand the importance of humidity control in such a big building. Then again, it could be a situation where our schools are just unequipped to deal with built-up moisture.

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This morning, during a routine inspection of Doyle-Ryder, our staff discovered mold in classrooms that was not visible the last time students were in school. At Flint Community Schools, the safety and well-being of our staff and scholars is always a primary concern, so we immediately prohibited students from entering their classrooms and canceled school for the week to conduct remediation efforts.


At least we know we have staff that does routine building inspections. I feel like in our community black mold or mold, in general, isn't taken seriously. I say that from experience. I've visited friends when I was younger all the way up to today and I occasionally run across mold in their homes and when I freak out about it that don't necessarily understand why.

Mold can lead to a ton of health issues especially when it comes to your respiratory health and shouldn't be taken lightly. This was an awesome move on Doyle-Ryder to keep our kids safe and move so quickly.

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