Since the closure of schools all over Michigan and students sent to go home, there are still some students on campus and Michigan State is giving them an option for the summer. According to WILX, there about 2,300 students still on campus and there are going to be more than half that will be staying on campus after May 1st and probably through the summer. Michigan State still hasn't made a decision on how many or when students will be back living on campus but they are making a plan for summer.

Their plan is for students who have signed up and will pay for on campus housing, will be given a choice of meal plan as well as between living at Holmes or 919 Shaw Lane residence halls. If Michigan State needs more housing then they will open more up but they are still trying to figure out how many students will require to live on campus. If you or someone you know is planning on living on campus through the summer or wants to learn more they can visit liveon.msu.ed


Due to COVID-19 outbreak, all spring classes are online and the first session of summer classes.

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