The Club 93.7 & MetroPCS 37 Second Challenge climbed to the peaks of Mt. Morris this week to see if any students from Montrose or Mt. Morris could win the $100 prize!

Before you watch either one of the videos, let me just say that both contestants had some info for me before the shooting actually started.  Both Tye and Marlon pulled me aside to let me know that they hadn't even touched a basketball in months.  With that being said we got things underway!  Tye Mitchell took the court first for the Rams and just barely squeaked his way into the Pistons VIP Shot at the end of the year.

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Marlon was ready to show out for the hometown Panther crowd, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned.

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In the end both Marlon and Tye repped their school well, and at the very least . . . they got some free shirts!  Tye will be joining the Pistons VIP Shot at the end of the season for a chance to win the grand prize.

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