Do you have a rap sheet aka a criminal record? Under Michigan's new expungement laws, there may be some arrests and or convictions that can be expunged. These changes went into effect on Sunday, April 11th.

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessell, has set up a website that can answer your questions when it comes to clearing your record. AG Nessell had this to say about the new law and website,

'The new law brings about overdue change for so many residents who would otherwise have to carry around the burden of a public criminal record well past the point of having paid their debt to society.

Our new expungement webpage is a resource for residents to assess eligibility and better understand the process for applying to have their records expunged.'

When you click on the new website, this is the message you will first see at the top of the page,

 'A person convicted of 1 or more misdemeanor or local ordinance marijuana crimes may petition the convicting court to set aside the convictions if they were based on activity that would not have been a crime after December 6, 2018, when a 2018 voter-passed initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Michigan went into effect.'

If that statement applies to you, there is even a check list made available so you can be sure you have all of the necessary paperwork and information to continue this process.

I think this is definitely progress, do you? I am interested in hearing your take on this, especially if a petty marijuana charge has been holding you back in life.

For additional clarity on expungement, click here for a list of questions, if you answer 'yes' to one of them, you are not eligible for expungement. It is a bit overwhelming, so be sure to do your research.

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