The NFL is joining the 21st century.

The league has unveiled new emojis for all 32 teams, so while your team may not always win on the field, it could win where it really counts: cyberspace.

Good Morning America showed the off the emojis and while you gotta give some credit to some teams for being creative (we're looking at you, Seahawks' love for the 12th man), there are some teams that just seemed to mail it in (that would be you, Broncos, Jaguars, Chiefs, Patriots and Chargers).

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night with a Super Bowl 50 rematch between the Broncos and Panthers. Can Carolina repeat as the class of the NFC? Can Denver's stellar defense offset a questionable quarterback situation to help bring home another Lombardi Trophy?

We've debated it for months, but now it's time to find the answers to those and all the other questions that will arise during the course of the season.

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