Oscar Pistorius, the South African gun toting and self proclaimed 'Blade Runner' of Track and Field has now lost one of his biggest and most major endorsement contributions. The Ad bearing Pistorius as 'The Bullet In The Chamber' was launched in 2011 and has now been pulled from the Nike archive.

 In the wake of Pistorius being charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, Nike found it necessary to pull the ad out of respect for the Steenkamp family, according to New York Daily News. Though Nike has not taken a stand on Pistorius' innocence or guilt, the necessary "BRAND PRECAUTIONS" have been made to protect Nike from scandal induced by athletes whom represent the Nike Brand.

This act is nothing new to Nike by any means, case in point the Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods scandals, Marion Jones' and Lance Armstrong links to Performance Enhancing Drugs, and so on.

Lets Say this- You represent a brand that is nationally known and represented in all facades of society- why jeopardize that with bad judgement. No one is perfect but these athletes whom represent brands also represent the embodiment of what we as consumers feel we want or deserve.