If you thought Mountain Dew has already released every flavor imaginable - think again. The Pepsi owned brand recently put out Mtn Dew Cake Smash (birthday cake flavor) and and just announced another new flavor - Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew.

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The unique drink is described as a combination of sweet and spicy. According to a Mountain Dew spokesperson, this is one of their most provocative beverages to date. I'll say! Am I the only one that thinks you will need to drink another beverage (water) immediately after every sip to cool your mouth down? 

So how do you get your lips around one of these hot pops? That is where things can get tricky. Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew will be available online only starting Tuesday, August 31st. That being said, Mtn Dew does not ship everywhere. You read that right. Can you even believe it? My boyfriend Nick makes it a point to try every single Mtn Dew flavor. When he attempted to order the Mtn Dew Cake Smash, it could not be shipped to Michigan. Nick had to have it shipped to our friend Johanna's parents house in Ohio. I hope he hung on to the address, because it looks like we will be needing their services again next week.

I did not try the birthday cake flavor, but I would at least try a sip of the Flamin' Hot MTN DEW. I will let you know how it is. What I am most anxious to try is the Hard Mtn Dew. Hard as in it will contain 5% alcohol. There will be three flavors to choose from - regular Mtn Dew, Black Cherry and Watermelon. Look for the boozy Dew's in stores early next year.

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