Parents everywhere had a knot in their stomachs after hearing about the devastating tornado's that ripped through two elementary schools in Oklahoma.  The raw emotion shown by one mom after she was reunited with her 8 year old son captures how every parent would feel.

Trenda Purcell was one of the lucky moms who found both of her children unharmed after the storm.  The video of her finding her 8 year old son Kamden is one of the many bright spots emerging from this tragedy.

Purcell told CBS News that she couldn't believe that anyone survived in the school because it was basically demolished.

While this is a heartwarming story, we should all take time to remember the people who weren't so lucky.  Club 93.7 and Chasse Ballroom, Latin Dance Studio are giving you an easy way to help the families in Oklahoma.  Just text OK to 89000 and we will donate $1 for every text received.