This story starts with a 74 year old man driving his wheelchair to a nearby trailer park to fight another 70 something guy over five dollars.

If that doesn't scream must read, then nothing has ever!

The 74-year-old who supposedly owed the money called 911 to report that the wheel chair man with his small dog, named Benji, had come for their money.

He then threatened to shoot him even though no weapon was found. When officers responded, they found the door to the man’s trailer wide open with him sitting inside NAKED!

Witnesses told officers they saw the two men arguing in the trailer’s yard.  Both men waved canes or walking sticks at each other, and the payee eventually threw a crutch at the wheelchair-bound man.

The man in the wheelchair denied he made any threats, and neither of the men was arrested, according to police.

Unfortunately there is no video of the fight, but I imagine it going a little something like this.