If you've ever been in the situation where you have ran into a parked car with your car, there is always that moment where you think, "Nobody even saw anything."

Most normal people with a conscious do the right thing though and find the driver or at least leave a note with their contact information.

Most does not mean everyone though as a new study from Market Watch found out.

17% of people say they would NEVER leave a note with their contact info or insurance details if they hit a parked car.  That's one in six people who just drive away and leave you with a brand new dent.

Just under half of people say they'd only leave a note if the damage they caused looked serious.  That means only about one-third of people would leave a note when they dinged someone else's car.

People over 55 are most likely to say they'd leave a note, and people under 24 are least likely.

31% of people say they wouldn't leave a note because they're embarrassed about the accident.  30% say they wouldn't leave a note because of the financial implications.

Has anyone ever hit your car without leaving you a note?