Brianna Hill is the 7 year old student who broke her arm on the playground of Webber Media Arts Academy in Pontiac recently.  The school tried to call her emergency contacts right away, but never called 911 and used ice cream sandwiches to take the swelling down due to no ice.

No ice.  Seriously, they didn't have any ice on hand so they chose to use ice cream sandwiches to take swelling down on the girls arm.  I guess they should be given some credit for ingenuity, but at some point the question has to be asked, "Why are there no ice packs inside the school?"

Brianna's mom is furious, along with some of the other parents in the school.  She has no plans of returning to the school.

Do you think the school was wrong for not calling 911 first?  The girls arm was obviously broken judging by the pictures in the video below.  If you were the parent,would you want to be called before or after the emergency crews?


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