President Barack Obama is visiting Flint today to talk see the effects of the Flint Water Crisis first hand.

President Obama will barely be on the ground long enough for Air Force One's engine to get cold.  President Obama will make two scheduled stops in Flint, with rumors of a quick meeting if time permits.

The first stop will be at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to see what is being done with healthy food to help fight the long term affects of lead poisoning.  Mayor Karen Weaver and Governor Snyder will be there to talk with President Obama as well.

Then President Obama will take part in a round table conversation with Flint residents at Northwestern High School.  He will take some time to address the public while at Northwestern as well.

There is an unscheduled meeting with officials that President Obama will take part in if time allows.  He will head back to Bishop and be back aboard Air Force One in the early evening.

One thing you can count on with the President being in town is traffic.  I don't know the exact route that the motorcade will take to their destinations, but you can count on the streets being closed.  If you aren't looking to get caught in the mess of this quick visit, it's best to avoid theses areas for today.

Flint residents are happy about the spotlight that President, but everyone is still leery about getting the problem actually fixed.