2012 is a big year in terms of politics. There are proposals, questions about tax, local law enforcements, the legalization of Marijuana, local offices, and of course the all important Presidential elections.It is very important to have a voice in this years election and it looks Michigan will break records in terms of voter turnout.

Proposal 1- Yes- This proposal was concerned with the Emergency Manager Law

Proposals 2 Voters Voted NO for Proposal 2 which was suppose to protect workers from  corporate special interest.

Proposal 3-Voters voted no for Proposal 3

Proposal 4- Proposal 4 was shot down. This provided collective bargaining for in home-care workers in Michigan

Proposal 5-Registered voters voted no for  Renewable energy.

Proposal 6-Voters voted no in this unique proposal. Should voters approve every bridge or tunnel built from Michigan to Canada. Citizens of Michigan voted no.

Presidential Election-President Obama