The minimum wage increase in Michigan has been approved by Governor Rick Snyder, sending the minimum to $9.25.

The increase is gradual, and nearly one dollar less than most Democrats were proposing.

The increase would be set into motion immediately, but the $9.25 mark would not be reached until 2018.  The bill would also raise pay for tipped workers to $3.50 from $2.65.

One of the good points of the bill is that the wage would also rise with inflation once it hits the $9.25 mark.

There are very valid arguments on both sides of this debate, but the two opposing sides are clear on their main arguments.

One argument is that the $9.25 mark is still not high enough, and even that increase would not bring a minimum wage worker out of poverty.

The other side argues that a dramatic increase will hurt small business growth, because employers will not be able to pay their employees.

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