Benny Warr is a wheelchair bound man who was a victim of police brutality back in 2013 and now been rewarded with $1 in damages. Oh wow..

In a 2013 video you can see Benny Warr getting jumped on by 3 police officers that were trying to arrest him. Even with the glaring evidence in the video so a particular officer using excessive force, the jury decided no significant damage was done.

So, you trying to tell me that 3 cops can jump on a disabled man, rough him up, and only get sued for $1? You can't even get a McDouble with that! That's not even money to even get a small fry bro. Can we give him at least $1.06? So he can at least run to McDonald's and get some food!

We all are familiar with the unjust things that often happen in our current judicial system, but this takes the cake in the biggest waste of time ever.

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