The Saginaw Valley State University campus remains closed today after a scary situation unfolded in the science building Thursday night.

SVSU campus police were joined by local and state police Thursday night after a person in distress was reported. According to scanner talk and NBC25, the person is a faculty member, and there were rumors that he had a gun. The details are very hard to come by right now, but SVSU did confirm that no students were involved on twitter.

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SVSU officials made the decision to close the campus today after it was clear that there were still issues that needed to be worked out. A heavy police presence will remain on campus throughout the day. Students are asked to avoid the Science West building, and avoid campus all together if possible.

The Valley Vanguard is reporting that the person in the middle of the entire incident is a faculty member. They said reported that it's possible the faculty member was disgruntled, and this was an attempted suicide.

SVSU officials did say that despite campus being closed today, all remote learning will go on as scheduled.

This is a scary situation for everyone at SVSU, but luckily no students were involved in the incident. This is also a really stark reminder that the stress we are all under due to the pandemic is real. I think that outside of healthcare workers, teachers are probably having the toughest time with all of this.

If you know a teacher, make sure you check on them. Ask them how they are doing, and if there is anything you can do to help. If you are a parent with school aged children, remember that the teachers are people too. They are going through the pandemic the same way you are, and they are dealing with changing conditions the same way as well.

The only way to get through this is by supporting each other, not pointing fingers to make ourselves feel better.


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