Sapo started Vehicle City Social in Flint 8 weeks ago and is determined to break the stigma that is associated with marijuana.

Marijuana is still known as a Schedule 1 narcotic according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. That means that according to the DEA, marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin, ecstasy, and bath salts. Since medical marijuana is legal in the state of Michigan, Sapo and his team at Vehicle City Social are doing their part to show that marijuana isn't some nasty drug that destroys lives. In fact he started Vehicle City Social to show that marijuana actually brings people together.

Vehicle City Social not only has a full kitchen where you can order and eat at the social club, but it also has an arcade, lounge area, and thousands of feet of space to meet like-minded individuals who use marijuana for medical use and hang out with those that want to change the nasty false image associated with marijuana.

For more information on Vehicle City Social and check out their upcoming events click here.

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