The idiot of the day is a school teacher who is accused of locking a student in the closet and leaving work early before releasing the student.  An investigation is currently underway but one thing I know is that this is all wrong. 

Kristin Ohsfeldt, the kindergarten teacher, is in the center of allegations of locking five year old Akeelah Joseph in the classroom closet as punishment.  Akeelah told WREG-TV that, 'I was playing too much." Many children play too much in class at the age of five but her actions must have been disruptive enough to warrant time in a closet.

A grandmother of a student in the class told WAFB that the practice of being placed in the closet is normal.

"[My granddaughter] also said that the teacher is a nice teacher but when the teacher puts them in there for time out that she gives them a book, she gives them beads to count and it's just a time-out, but my concern was why we weren't informed."

Ohsfeldt ended up getting ill and left work early but forgot to release Akeelah from the closet.  A substitute teacher replaced the misguided teacher and found the fiver year old and released her from her punishment.  As you would expect, the mother of the trapped student was called to the school and she was not happy.

"I am hearing that the teacher locked my child in a closet because she was supposedly bad. You don't do that. I hurried up to the school and started yelling, ‘Where my daughter at? Where my daughter at?'

Currently the incident is being investigated and the teacher has been suspended without pay as of now.  I am truly shocked in the decision to place a student in the closet as punishment.  I hope this is all a misunderstanding.  Parents, please check on your children more often.  Ask your child what goes on in the classroom on a day to day basis.