This sure sounds like a win win to me.

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If you are newly single, or still feeling the burn from a past relationship, you can eat your feelings this Valentine's Day. Hooters is offering you 10 free boneless wings, if you 'Shred Your Ex'. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the break up and shred a picture of he or she, in person or virtually.

Wait, there is one more step. Upon further reading, I just discovered that you do have to buy 10 wings, to get 10 free wings. Oh well, it is still a pretty sweet deal. If your ex put your heart through the ringer, you can now put one of their pictures through the shredder.

Click here to get started. You do have to answer a few pretty basic questions like, how long were you together? How did the break up go down? Phone? Text?, etc. Be warned, although the questions are simple - they may bring back the pain you felt during the break up. That's okay - keep your eye on the prize, free wings.

If you are in a current relationship, you and your significant other should both shred some old ex pictures (more wings that way). Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like shredding an ex, and eating wings. I am in one hundred percent, I just have to decide which ex to shred?

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