Jack Pinto was a six year old first grader at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut, and was one of the twenty children killed that day.  At his funeral on Monday a reporter (Yamiche Alcindor) tweeted a photo of a letter written to Jack by his best friend John, along with some pictures of the two.


The rush of emotions that hits after reading this letter is overwhelming.

I have a five year old son, and the thought of him writing or my wife and I receiving a letter like this is unfathomable.  I literally have tears in my eyes every time I look at the picture of that letter from a child who has just lost his best friend.

The one thing that stands out the most to me though is how amazingly truthful it is.  John doesn't waste any words on any of the other issues that adults are forced to deal with.  He simply says that Jack was his best friend, that he will miss him and that he will talk to him in his prayers.

I think if we all took a moment to step back and look at this situation from a child's eyes the answer might be right in front of us.

Be simple.  Be truthful.  Put love and friendship before any other emotion.

It sounds like a hippie type statement, but I feel like the answers that we are all looking for would be easier to find if we followed those three steps.  Rest in peace Jack, and all of the other victims of Sandy Hook. I hope that one day we will all be able to see this with the clarity that John does.