Connecticut School Shooting

Andre Drummond Honors Sandy Hook Victims
Normally when we write about Andre Drummond, it's because the Detroit Pistons star is ruining someones day by dunking on them.  This time though it has nothing to do with huge dunks, rather his huge heart and the touching tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook that Drummond did.
Sandy Hook Tribute Rolls Thru Flint
If you noticed a line of first responders rolling through downtown Flint on Saturday, but didn't know exactly what was going on, it was a group of Michigan's first responders paying tribute to Sandy Hook.
Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids are Selling out! [Video]
A small company that sells bulletproof backpacks for kids have recently had a huge surge in sales since the Sandy Hook incident.
Better safe than sorry. It's tragic what happen to those families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting, and since then it has sent a shock wave through America. Are we reall…
Should Gen. County Schools Close?
The call was made shortly after 9pm last night to cancel the last two days of class for Genesee County Schools two days before the Christmas break.  The last minute closing caught a lot of parents off guard and have many wondering if the Superintendent's made the right decision.
Sandy Hook Survivor Played Dead
The only survivor of a Sandy Hook Elementary first grade class ran from the school covered in blood and told her mom, "I'm OK mommy, but all my friends are dead."  How did she make it? According to her pastor, she played dead and fooled the shooter.
Names of Victims in Newtown, Connecticut Massacre Revealed
Authorities have released the names of the victims of Friday's mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly killed 27 people, as well as himself. Lanza's rampage began when he shot and killed his mother, Nancy, at her home before he drove to Sandy Hook Element…

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