Southbound I-75 will be closed from the I-96 interchange in Detroit.

Some big traffic changes are coming to the Downriver and Detroit area starting on February 4th. MDOT's new $149 million project will work for the next two years repairing the I-75 bridge over the Rouge River.

The I-75 bridge over the Rouge River is 1.63 miles long and eight lanes wide, making it the largest bridge in all of Michigan.

In order to get around all the construction madness, drivers will have to take westbound I-96 past Livonia, and then merge onto southbound I-275, and then route back to I-75 in Monroe Country. The new change makes driving around the construction a 45-minute trip instead of the typical 20 minutes it takes in normal conditions.

The two-year project will begin February 4th.






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