Car Crashes

People Can’t Drive in Russia [Video]
A compilation video showing you how people drive in Russia, and it's not pretty.
Russia is famous for it's nuclear missiles, AK-47's and a lot of vodka. Now you can add a whole category to that list! Driving, terrible terrible driving...
Woman Hits Stroller As Her Car Crashes Into Publix [Video]
A 76-year-old Florida woman  drove her car through a busy Publix grocery store, injuring ten people, including a baby in a stroller.
The entire thing was caught on tape and the video is shocking, but even more shocking is that no one was killed in this accident.
One In Six People Won’t Leave A Note If They Hit A Parked Car
If you've ever been in the situation where you have ran into a parked car with your car, there is always that moment where you think, "Nobody even saw anything."
Most normal people with a conscious do the right thing though and find the driver or at least leave a note with thei…
Crazy Guy Drives Into Store Trying To Run Over His Ex [Video]
You Tube
A man in Tennessee was caught on surveillance video trying to run down his ex-girlfriend in a pick up truck.
The video of what happened is unbelievable, and luckily for everyone in the area no one  was seriously injured.
The series of events caught on tape are a must see.
Parallel Parking Made Easy [Video]
Parallel parking is so much easier when you just don't care about the cars around you.
A surveillance camera caught this driver trying to squeeze into a small spot.
Brad Pitt Gets Hit By A Car Over And Over Again [Video]
Fans of Brad Pitt may want to turn the channel.
Mr. Jolie is about to be hit by no less than 10 cars, and it just is not a pretty picture for him.
I have no idea how this was put together, and I have nothing personal against Brad Pitt, but this is nothing but awesome!
Driver Caught Texting And Swerving [Video]
Texting and Driving is against the law, but even if it weren't, its still just a bad idea.  When a driver noticed this kid swerving on the road he took a closer look.  The man called the police and decided to record the kid until they arrived.  What he filmed might be the best ev…

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