One man is dead after ramming into a garbage truck on the corner of Clio Rd. and Dayton Ave., while fleeing police early this morning.

Police say the man was driving  the wrong way in the area of Court and Grand Traverse. When police tried to pull him over, he fled. He made his way north where witnesses say he was going 120 mph.

A  garbage truck was leaving a liquor store on Welch to another business across the street to pick up garbage when the man ran a red light and collided with the truck.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Aside the fact that this was a very dangerous situation the high speed chase took place in a school zone as well.  There is no word on who the man is or why he ran from the police.

The intersection was closed for a few hours this morning while police continue to investigate.  Mlive posted a picture of the mans car after the accident.