The MDHHS has revealed that Genesee County alone has had close to 260,000 vaccines that have expired due to the extremely short shelf life of the vaccine.

Who knew that vaccine administering could be so wasteful! I remember when vaccines first touched down and you couldn't get one unless you had some serious connections or be super lucky. According to experts, it's a necessary evil to get everyone vaccinated. 

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In Michigan, MDHHS reports nearly 260,000 doses have been tossed, since December. Genesee County says their goal is to waste as little as possible.


"We have and we will disregard vaccines, that is inevitable," JoAnne Herman, COVID Nursing Coordinator for Genesee County Health Department says.

The problem now is that vaccine hesitation is at an all-time high. And from what experts say, when the covid-19 vaccine is opened it expires in a day if it goes unused. They also go on to say that this doesn't mean that people aren't getting vaccinated. It just means more people are vaccinated now and the rate for vaccination has slowed down a bit.

Either way, If you haven't got vaccinated yet check with your local doctor or just check around in your local area. Vaccination sites are literally everywhere now.

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