Flint River

Flint Looks Incredibly Different From a Kayak on the Flint River
You may think you know Flint inside and out, but until you've kayaked your way down the Flint River, you haven't seen it all.
My birthday was this past weekend, and my family got me a really cool present. They reserved a kayaking trip down the Flint river through Kayak Flint...
Police Are Investigating A Body Found In The Flint River
Police responded to a call yesterday on the 400 block of E.Blvd Drive where authorities showed up and found a man that was later pronounced dead.
The police found the man in the river behind the Farmer's Market in Flint. The investigation is still ongoing and details are scarce...
Flint River Water Stays
According to the plan to fix the water problems in Flint, as laid out by the state, the Flint River will remain as the primary water source.
Body Found In Flint River
A fishing tournament got off to a terrifying start when two fisherman discovered a body floating in the Flint River.
Drink Flint River water?
News is coming in that the Flint River could be residents primary source for drinking water. I'm not sure that is the best water for anyone.