A fishing tournament got off to a terrifying start when two fisherman discovered a body floating in the Flint River.

The two men were gearing up for a walleye tournament near Ballenger Rd on the Flint River when they noticed something floating in the water.

When they both realized that it was a body, they immediately called 911.  Crews plucked the body out of the river, but it wasn't an easy task due to the amount of floating ice.

As of now, there is no identification of the man found floating, and no cause of death given.

I definitely don't want to make light of any loss of life, but when it was announced that Flint would be using the Flint River as a drinking water source, this was one of the concerns raised.  The river has been known to become a dumping ground for everything from cars to bodies.

Do you think this incident will become part of the water discussions that have been going on so long?

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