Demolition of the Hamilton Dam has been pushed back a couple of times now, the first time was last year. Crews had to wait for Consumers Energy to finish dredging and capping the Flint River. Then there was another delay in February due to flooding. Today demolition finally began on the Hamilton Dam in Flint.

The Hamilton Dam is 218 feet in length, and removal will cost $3.1Million. This is all part of the Flint Riverfront Restoration Project. Other plans for the riverfront area are greening the former Chevy in the Hole site, now known as Riverbank Park,  and building a walking bridge over the Flint and Swartz Creek rivers.

The Genesee County Parks are heading up this project, which is expected to be completed next year.

The Genesee County Parks posted this video of the demo on their Facebook page this morning as the work began.

According to Mlive, the biggest reason for removing the dam is to make the river more accessible and safe for recreation.

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