Genesee County Health Officials are asking that everyone avoid contact with the Flint River after a storm surge sent some sewage into the water.

The heavy rains on Sunday caused a flash flood near the water treatment plant, and it was more than the system could handle. The City of Flint sent out a press release about the flooding for residents.

As a precautionary measure required by law, the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Genesee County Health Department has been notified, as well as officials of Flint Township and Flushing. The discharge has now ended

Officials say that the worst of the water will be south of Mill Rd Bridge at Flushing Rd. The overflow will continue to flow downstream from the plant.

Anytime there is a major rain fall, runoff brings extra bacteria into the river, but this time could be a little more severe. The State of Michigan is doing bacteria testing, and will publish their results on their website.

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