Karen Weaver spent the last four years as Mayor of Flint, and on her way out she has a positive message for Flint residents.

The letter was published on the City of Flint Facebook page on the 8th, which was the day after she lost her bid for reelection. Things seemed to move extremely quickly, as the new Flint Mayor, Sheldon Neeley was sworn in on Monday.

Dr. Weaver took over the office of Mayor at an extremely critical time for Flint. We were in the middle of the water crisis, and everyone was looking for answers. I don't care if you agree with what Dr. Weaver did as Mayor, you have to respect the tough circumstances she worked under.

There's no way to do a job like that without pouring everything you have in you into that job. The emotional distress that must put on someone is hard to imagine. I haven't always backed Dr. Weaver, but I've always respected her. Her open letter to the city reinforces the strength of her character.

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