Arthur Woodson has announced that after leading the campaign to recall Mayor Karen Weaver, he will now be joining the race to become the next mayor of Flint.

Woodson held an impromptu press conference outside of City Hall declaring his intentions to run for Mayor.  You can watch his initial conversation in the video below.

Woodson is not alone in the bid to finish out Mayor Weaver's term.  It is a very crowded field, filled with some recognizable names.  The candidates are listed below.

  • Karen Weaver - Mayor
  • Arthur Woodson - Activist
  • Scott Kincaid - City Councilman
  • David Davenport - Former Flint School Board
  • Ellery Johnson
  • Jeffery Shelley - Retired from GM
  • Anthony Palladeno Jr. - Activist
  • Don Pfeiffer
  • Ray Hall

While not all of the candidates have a political background, all of them have been involved in Flint for quite some time.  Some of the names that are noticeably missing are Eric Mays, Wantwaz Davis, and Sheldon Neeley.

The candidates will have until November 7th to win over prospective voters.

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