A good education is the foundation of this great country.

Everyone should be entitled to a great education, no ifs ands or buts.

Most people believe in order to succeed in life you have to succeed in education.Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield feels the same way...sort of.

Senator Campfield proposed a bill that says if your child does not pass his/her grade your welfare will be cut by 30%.

So if you did the math if a single mother received $185 from the state then 30% would be $129.50.

Senator Campfield also said if a parent is looking for a tutor or some sort of after school program then the parent will not be cut from his/her benefits.

I personally believe this is a good idea and think this should make parents take education seriously, plus make stronger parents out of some people.

Yes I now this may be harsh but this is harsh time, and parenting should not be taking lightly.

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