The idiot of the day goes a Tennessee man who stole human ashes thought to be cocaine. His need for help goes deeper than just going to jail.

Wanda Allen, grandmother to William 'Billy' Cartell, told News 5 that her grandson thought the human ashes were drugs and that is why he stole them from a neighbor's home.  In addition to taking the ashes, Billy stole an XBox system.

Granny believes that Billy was not sober when he decided to break into the home and steal what he thought was free cocaine.

"If he gets to drinking and doing drugs he's out there. He needs help. There needs to be more to it than putting him in jail."

Billy has to have some mental issues because the plastic bag had a tag on it detailing what was in the bag.

"On the top of it, it had a white piece of paper taped over it with date of birth, date of death, name and the funeral home."

I don't know how drunk or high you have to be to steal ashes and believe they're cocaine.  One thing I do know is that if you're stealing cocaine, you're a coke-head already.  Billy's mother and granny need to place him in a rehab as soon as possible or those denture may look like crack rocks.

Is there anyone else deserving the idiot of the day award besides Billy Cantrell?  Leave your response in the comment box below.

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