The IRS is holding nearly $35 Million in unclaimed Michigan tax returns.  Some of that money could be yours, and here is how you find out.

Every year the IRS is left with a surplus of money that never gets claimed.  According to the IRS, they hold onto that money for three years before absorbing it back into their general fund.


So what can you do about it?  Well, it looks like it might be as easy as just asking for it.

The IRS posted that the 2013 tax returns left a little over $34 Million in unclaimed Michigan returns.  That money is about to be absorbed by the IRS unless you step up and claim your share.

According to their site, more than 33 Thousand Michigan residents did not get their 2013 returns.  The total is just over $34 Million, and breaks out to an average of $763 per person.

Finding out if you are owed some money is fairly easy, especially with the detailed explanation from the IRS in the video below.  Good luck, and if you get a huge sum of money back, don't forget about who gave you the tip (wink wink).



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