Smoking is an expensive habit, but that hasn't stopped massive amounts of new smokers from lighting up everyday.  A new campaign is geared toward showing younger smokers the real cost of smoking.

'The Real Cost' is trying to reach young people with the same type of hard hitting message that the tobacco companies have been using to attract new smokers.

In the commercial above, a young man is forced to yank out one of his teeth to pay for a pack of cigarettes.  This signifies the increase in gum disease that smokers risk every time they light up.

Another cost that is featured in this campaign is the effect that smoking can have on your skin, as shown in the commercial below.

The message is obviously going after some of the superficial, looks based ideals that teens focus on.  Keeping with the teen issues idea, there is another set of commercials that feature smoking as a bully, controlling your decisions.

I've never understood how someone can justify smoking by saying, "It's my body, and I'll do what I want!"  If that is truly the case, then how could any sane person say that they want to increase their chances of dying sooner?

The real issue is addiction.  Tobacco companies know this, and that's why the younger generation is the target for them and anti-smoking groups.

Do you think that these new ads will be effective?